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Saudi Arabia National Vision of 2030, has set out a goal to become highly developed and modernized nation, while still preserving its national identity. The reform includes a programme to increase women’s participation in the workforce from 22 to 30%. The decision to allow women drivers on Saudi Arabia’s roads is another major step in this regard. The move is may open up new horizons for women’s employment in the near future.

At Shall boutique ™, We believe abaya will need to evolve as well, and before we know it, it will account for a strong segment in the fashion industry. Classy and elegant, these gorgeous flowing abayas will have you feeling like a queen in our range of soft, quality fabrics. Modern or traditional, casual or formal whatever your style, we have abaya for you. An abaya is great in itself.

But how do you stand out from the crowd if everyone’s got one? With our designs we aim to empower the women who wear them, giving them confidence and enabling them to be both stylish and conservative at the same time. Few years ago and in order To cater to our own personal styles we would design our own abayas to wear to events and social gatherings, and it wasn’t long before they were getting noticed. Today we serve Riyadh , Jeddah and Dubai. We believe that The abaya is the ultimate in Islamic fashion.  77767

 Welcome at Shall ™, SHALL BOUTIQUE is a trading name of OHOUD ABDULAZIZ ALFEHAILY  Institution no 1010597106.


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